Homeopathy medicine

Homeopathy medicine

Homeopathy medicine is a substitute medicine solution that works on the principle of treating “like with like “or we can say “law of similarities”. Homeopathic was noticed in 1796 by doctor SAMUEL HAHNEMANN. homeopathic is very popular in western countries. normally homeopathic medicine was made from plants, minerals, and animals. The medicine is normally made in the form of sugar pellets that to be placed under the tongue. Some other forms in which homeopathic medicine has come are: – gels, cream, tablets, etc.

In homeopathic it was said that every individual reacts differently to any illness that means treatment for each individual one made carefully according to their illness.

Homeopathic medicine enters India in the 19th century through Bengal. the first homeopathic physician is MAHENDERA LAL SIRCAR. Today India was the major and highest number of homeopathic doctors and users.

Homeopathic treatment major used in a wide range of conditions includes physical similar to asthma and condition like depression.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment: –

  • Reduce anxiety & depression

  • Tret allergies & asthma

  • Treat chronic diseases

  • Homeopathic for weight loss

  • Improve body resistance and immunity

  • Use in epidemic diseases

  • Surgery avoidance and cost-effective

It can also take in the case of some major issues like – bruises, toothaches, headaches, cough, and cold.

How to take homeopathic medicine: –

In homeopathic treatment, there are some common guidelines for the use of medicine correctly. each medicine is taken at a special time adequately with some special quantities.

There are some precautions while starting the homeopathic treatment: –
  • Before star homeopathic medicine it is always recommended to concern your doctor. Because mixing homeopathic medicine with allopathic treatment was risky. the doses are and the mixture of salts are very different. So, it was not safe without concern from the doctor.
  • In homeopathic medicine, there was always recommended that there must be a gap of 30 minutes between food and medicine.
  • Never touch your pill because it will react with oil and water which is present in the palm of the hands. if medicine was got connect the medicine becomes useless and not perform properly. Sometimes due to that reason the medicine was also become reacted.
  • During the homeopathic treatment, it was highly recommended that never take medicine after smoking and drinking.
  • Always store the medicine in cold and dry places because this medicine was very delicately mixture and balanced.