Unani medicine

Unani Medicine

Unani medicine was originated from the GREEK system. Unani medicine was based on the principle proposed by the physician as hypocrites and glans. Unani medicine is based on the principle that environmental conditions, like the quality of air and water that impact health. the Unani medicine was widely in provision and practice in India and other arabinan countries.
Unani medicine was introduced by Arabs, after the independence in India, the Unani system gets a boost in the medical system of India. the Indian government take major steps for the development of the Unani treatment

Concepts of Unani medicine: –

In the Unani medical system, there are mainly seven concepts that performed major roles: –

1. AKRAM (elements):

According to Unani treatment, the human body contains four elements. every element has its temperament.

Element Temperament
Air Hot & moist
Earth Cold & dry
Fire Hot & dry
Water Cold & moist

1.MIZAJ ( temperament ):-

The temperament plays the major role of an individual, temperament comes into existence after the combination of two or more different qualities e.g. hot &cold .temperament indicates the state of equilibrium in a compound and state of homeostasis in the cell upon which the life depends at the cellular as well.

2. AKHLAT (humor ):-

The moist and fluid parts of the body called humor. they are produced after the transformation and metabolism of elements .the humous perform the role of nutrition, repair, and produce energy for the individual and his species. humors Are responsible for providing nutrition to the body.

3. AAZA ( organ ):-

Aaza is the various organ that was present in the human body. The condition of the organ affects the state of health of the body.

4. ARWAN (spirits):-

The substance is generated from the air, which helps in the metabolic activity of the body. The Arwan was considered as the force of life.

5. QUWA ( faculties./ power ):-

The powers are the basis of the body function therefore each organ has its power to carry out physiological functions .according to the Unani treatment believe there are major three types of powers that maintain the life of a human. Those are: –
:- Quwa tabaiyah{natural faculty }
:-Quwa nafsamia {physical and mental faculty }
:- Quwa haywaniyah{ vita faculty }

a. Quwa tabaiyah {natural faculty}: –

Natural faculty are responsible for the function of nutrition growth and reproduction in the body. they also perform thrash out the waste from the body. the liver is the principal organ of this quwa.

b. Quwa nafsamia {physical and mental faculty}: –

This performs the perceptive and motive power inside the body. the brain is the main organ of this quwa.

c. Quwa haywaniyah{ vita faculty}: –

This factor is responsible for maintaining life and empower the body organ to accept the effect of physical power. They keep life running inside the tissue. the heart is the main organ of this quwa.

 AFAAL{function }:-

The afaal was responsible for the movement and function of the organ in the body. If the organ is in proper shape and works properly then is said to be a person is healthy.

Therapy’s in the Unani treatment:-

There is some major therapy that is included in Unani treatment.
Regimental therapy {IIaj-bil-tabir }:- it is a special technique to improve the body internally, by removing waste material and help in improving the immune system of the body .there are some techniques in Regimental therapy:-

• VENESECTIO { fasd}
• Cupping { AL-HIJAMA}
• Sweating {AREEQ}
• Diuresis {IDRAR-E- BAUL}
• Turkish bath {HUMAN}
• Massage {DALK, MALISH }