What is a cardiologist?

Whenever any person thought about What is a cardiologist it simply means that the doctors are specified for diagnosing and treating the condition of the heart and blood vessels. the doctor diagnoses and treats the condition like blockages, heart diseases, heart injuries, high cholesterols, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The term cardiology is the drive from the Greek word “cardio” which means “heart” and “logy” means “study of”.

Role of cardiologist 

A cardiologist is properly trained for heart diseases or disorders or we can say that anything that indicates the heart was not working properly. Then a cardiologist examines and done tests on those that were related to the heart.

Some test related to the heart are: –

  • ECGelectrocardiogram, record the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Ambulatory ECGThis records the heart rhythm during performing a daily exercise or normal activity.
  • ECHOCARDIOGRAMProvide the information about due to which slow down the structure of heart chamber and their area
  • CARDIAL CATHETERIZETIONThis was a small tube near or in the heart that collect data and help relieve a blockage. it takes pictures and checks the function of the heart.

When to see a cardiologist

Concerning symptoms

If a person having chest pain, feeling of intense indigestion, heaviness in the chest, and shortness of breath, all these symptoms are concern with a cardiac event.

High blood pressure

If a person was having abnormal blood pressure, then they must concern the heart doctor to stabilize it at a normal level.

In the case of smoking

Smoking damage the lining of the arteries. it affects the flow of oxygen to the heart. so that the result, may close high blood pressure, increase heart rate, sometimes the risk of blood clots.

Feeling like a short breath

Normally a person was not feeling like short breath, but in case if they feel then it was a very serious concern. the shortage of breath will affect the heart.

  1. Having chest pain

    If a person feels like a pain in the chest part on a normal daily routine then a person should concern with the cardiologist.

  2. Arrhythmia

    arrhythmia means irregular heartbeat. it means that the heart rate of a person may be too fast, too slow, or not in the pattern of a healthy heart. So, in that condition person must go to a cardiologist for treatment.

 Prevention of heart diseases 

The most important is to make our body healthy, the way a personal response to the diseases was very important in the view of recovering and preventing. so, in the case of heart diseases, there must some major precautions that must be done

  • Control on blood pressureBlood pressure plays a very important part in the human body. high blood pressure is affecting the whole body very effectively. so, it was important to check blood pressure regularly.
  • Quit smokingSmoking was making a very dangerous impact on the heart. smoking never be a good option to enjoy life. the most effective of smoking on the arteries, the smoking block the arteries and damage the blood vessels wall. Smoking leads to heart stock and risk of blood clotting.
  • Cholesterol levels under controlIf the cholesterol levels were not under the normal levels then there is a warning for the person. the higher cholesterol affects the arteries and blocks them, which affects healthy breath. so, for a healthy heart, it’s important to control cholesterol.
  • Adopt a healthy diet– A healthy diet is a much beneficial solution than any medical treatment. if a person adopts a healthy diet then they can prevent themself from many other diseases includes heart problems. a healthy diet plan controls the cholesterols level of the human body. a good diet plan must include raw vegetables, fruits, and sometimes a detox diet.

Some major problems that were treated by a  cardiologist surgeon are

  • AngioplastyAngioplasty helps restore healthy blood flow to the heart by reopening the arteries that were blocked due to the blockage of fatty plaque. Angioplasty is known as PTCA which means {percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty}
  • Stent placement  It is a small metal coil that was placed in the narrowed artery to make it open. it was very useful in the treatment of the heart.
  • AblationAblation is the process which was used for treating the abnormal heart like artery fibrillation and many other.
  • Open heart surgeryOpen-heart surgery performed to treat blockages in the coronary arteries. it also repairs heart defects and helps to correct heart rhythm problems.
  • Heart transplantIn heart transplant surgery the desecrated heart from a person was removed from the patient’s body and change with a healthy heart which was got from an organ donor.
  • Coronary artery bypass graftingIt was the most common surgery that was performed for heart problems. In this process, a vein from a leg or an artery from the chest wall is used to bypass the coronary artery that was blocked or narrowed.

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